Posted by: jhare | 6 March, 2012

Webasto -servicing

During the cold spell our Webasto Airtop 5000 decided it would stop working 😦 It was showing error F02: the burners is failing to light. It would go through 5 cycles of sounding like it was starting up but then nothing.

We took the unit to an specialist who deals with the burners but mainly in trucks and campervans (so not to pay the excessive price of getting someone to look at it in the marine market!). The best guys in Cardiff are an excellent friendly company (Tanners Electrics) who replaced the burner unit inside the box for around £400. Rather frustrating but apprently the same part for a Eberspacher would have been three times the price!

The cause, we think, is the UK’s bad supply of Red Diesel that has a high sulphur content causing the burer to soot up. So we will be installing a dedicated white diesel tank for next winter (luckily we hadn’t actually got round to fully installing it into our main diesel tank yet!). This was our third winter with the Webasto & we worked out that we had run it approximately 1000 hours which is what some people note they have to do if running it on red. I found a good forum with lots of discussion of red diesel:

Would it have broken if it was an Eberspacher (I think they are maybe more forgiving on red diesel) or have we decided well with getting the Webasto with lower parts costs? I’ve no idea, but I definitely appreciate the lovely heat it produces 🙂


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