Posted by: Joe | 19 October, 2012

Cabin Conversion

With the arrival of a new crew member we decided to make better use of what was the generator room and general storage room by taking out the cupboard divide and putting in a flat base for a small berth.

01_Room Overview

The blue box shows the area we wanted taking out. Quite a simple job but would require some finishing touches to the edges and general carpentry to fit in with the rest of Chula’s interior.

We had seen quite a few other boats that had had either bunks or single beds in the space. Here is an example from the other V47s (Black Swan and an unknown one):

black swan 3849827_-1_20120213141951_40_0

The best thing would have been to bring out the base of the bed into the cabin, like they have done above. This would have added considerable cost so we opted for the smaller berth which is fine as a pilot cabin and a lovely cot for the baby.

To have the work done we went to Tommi Nielsen’s yard in Gloucester. They did an absolute fantastic job and came in under quote as well!

Here is the final result:


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