About Chula

We bought Chula in September 2007 from Florida, USA. Sadly we don’t know much of her history as we never got to meet the previous owners but she was previously owned by a family and kept in the Sarasota area. Before that we think she was kept in Houston, Texas.

She is a 1981 Vagabond  47 ft designed by William Garden and built by Blue Water Yachts, Taiwan.

Construction = GRP (with a lot of teak & mahogany trimmings)


deck length 47ft (14.33m)

waterline 36ft (10.97m)

draft 5.6ft  (1.6m)

beam 13.45ft (4.1m)

Sail plan = ketch

Engine = 80hp Ford Leyman with a Borg Warner 2.5:1 gearbox



  1. I grew up sailing on Chula in the eary 1990’s, my family was very close with the previous owners. She was the jewel of Port Charlotte bay, i’m glad to see she is still active. Fair Winds!!

    • Jo and Joe… I found a few old photos of chula from back in the day. do you want me to email them?

      Connecticut, USA

  2. Just found your website and interested if you still have Chula. We just recently bought a Vagabond 47 in Florida just south of Tampa. Seems there are owners websites for just about every type of boat but Vagabonds. Just trying to connect with people for exchange of information and to enlarge the community. We also have a blog site with all the work we are doing on our girl. If your interested it is http://www.svrenegade.blogspot.com. By the way, your doing beautiful work. Would love to hear from you
    Nancy & Dirk
    Cortez, FL

  3. Been a fan of these super yachts for a long time – they are on my shopping list – reckon I’ll be in the right position in 5-6 years to seriously hunt the market. I have seen two in the flesh, one came up for sale Hayling Island a few years ago, very expensive but she confirmed she was all she was cracked up to be. And I was lucky to sail Jacobs Ladder 2 years ago out of Poole. Following Chula is particularly interesting as I noticed the adverts when she first came up for sale and because she is now in the UK. We currently sail a 30′ yacht around the South Coast, France and Channel Islands. Good Luck with the old project and the new one !

  4. Hi there, this is Nancy from s/v Renegade. I dont know if you do facebook or not but yesterday I added a new group called Vagabond Owners Group. If you are on facebook feel free to stop by and add yourselves, would love to have you. If you know of any other Vagabond owners please pass the info on to them. Thanks and hope all is well.

    • Hi Nancy, I searched for Vagabond Owners Group on Facebook but it didn’t come up, we’d love to join if we can find it!

  5. Jo, on my ipad it comes up fine,on the computer im having problems finding it. What the heck. Can you find me on facebook and friend me so I can invite you personally? Had another person have the same problem but then it corrected itself. Im looking into it. Nancy Rieckmann

  6. Hi, you have a great website. I have the Vagabond in mind to look at, and wondered if you could tell me what sort of speed it does under sail, how tender or firm it feels under sail, when you need to take sail in, and when you have to start motoring? Thanks

    • Hi Nicholas, thanks for the comment about the website.
      Vagabonds aren’t really fast vessels, I tend to passage plan at 5 knots but she can easily get up to 6 knots and we have got 8 knots a few times. Our sails are not the best shape and in need of replacing so I would expect this to improve with better sails. They do sail really well, and the ketch rig means you can get them nicely balanced on the helm. I can’t remember precisely how much wind we need to sail, it depends how strict our passage plan is! I’d say around 6 knots minimum. As for taking sail in, with a ketch rig you can play with sail configurations to suit every wind speed and direction, in strong winds she sails well on the small jib and mizzen.. we’ve taken her out in a force 8, she handled it a lot better than her crew!
      We have a facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/497470056991634/ let me know if you would like to join so I can make sure the moderator adds you.
      Hope that helps and good luck!

      • Hi Jo – thanks for your comments, most helpful. I’m looking at a V47 at the moment, but it’s in pieces. Could you tell me what the headroom is in the cockpit, up to boom height? And Nancy is right, I’ve never gone onto facebook. Thanks

      • Hi Nicholas, Sorry for the delay. The boom height is roughly 6ft 4. However it’s rarely directly overhead, when not sailing the boom is stored to one side and when sailing its at one side or the other. The only time its an issue is dropping the main sail. Hope that helps! Jo

  7. Hey Jo, thanks for forwarding that to me and I will be on the lookout. I looked him up on facebook but i didnt see an account for him. I know some people dont like social media.

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